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06/03/14 With Glen Morgan & Scott Roberts of the Freedom Foundation

June 26th, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE: We discuss the firing of Governor Inslee's Policy Director, Ted Sturdevant, and what the implications of that are; Local Initiatives are coming to the ballot (1. Transparency in Collective Bargaining, 2. Newly hired employees given choice as to whether they want to join a public sector union); The Seattle Minimum Wage Increase; and finally, the Problems with the Electronic Home Monitoring System - where felons are actually able to commit crimes, while being monitored.

02/25/14 With Representatives Jason Overstreet & David Taylor

June 19th, 2014

Celebrating our 150th episode: In the national news, we discuss the on-going situation in Ukraine. On the Olympia-front, we discuss celebrating and defending our constitutional framework. Also: Is moderating the message the way to go? Why some House Republicans are being singled-out and criticized for supporting and advocating the Republican Party platform. The bottom line: every political issue comes down to regulation and taxation.

02/18/14 With Representative David Taylor

June 19th, 2014

In this episode: DESPITE a six-vote minority, The Freedom Agenda (Republicans) achieve victories in seeing 5 bills, and one major amendment passed out of the Washington State House of Representatives. Specifically: Banning the use of drones (and similar technology) as a regulatory enforcement tool, and allowing industrial hemp to be grown in, and exported from Washington state.


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