PATRIOT RADIO 11/10/2016 - Scott Rockholm (Wolves in the Northwest)

December 9th, 2016

I attended my first Idaho Fish and Game meeting in Kellogg Idaho fully equipped to film the entire exchange. I knew there were going to be a few hundred angry hunters there, and I wanted to begin a video history right there. It was the beginning of the end for much of the wolf infestation agenda. 

The following years since, I have documented on film, more than 400 hours of footage. I helped destroy the Theory of Natural Balance, by proving it was a sham with documenting an entire herd of 90 bachelor bull elk, systematically killed by one pack, in 30 days. In Yellowstone, I exposed the outright scientific fraud in wildlife accounting and management. I filmed two films, Yellowstone is dead (34000 copies sold) and Ghosts of the Rockies. Both films, as well as a multitude of short Youtube films I produced, have been seen by over a million people. I created the very first social media page on Facebook, exposing all of this fraud, reaching 80,000-160,000 people a week. I have been in many documentaries, including a BBC production, and Outdoor Channel and Discovery Channel productions. I have given dozens of radio and television interviews throughout the nation and Europe. I helped write/pass Idaho Legislation HB343, which was a major victory in the Liberty movement and called Idaho's first Tenth Amendment victory. 

I could not possibly write down everything I have worked on, as I have never kept track of all of it. I am currently writing a book, with almost ten years of research, and spans the world. I have collected wolf related documents, which go back 600 years.


PATRIOT RADIO 12/06/2016 - Representative Matt Shea

December 8th, 2016

Local, national, and international news and insights from Representative Shea.


PATRIOT RADIO 11/17/2016 - Tamara Smith (Smith Family Farm)

November 19th, 2016

Thanksgiving isn't just a season it's a way of life! We are thankful thru the good times, of course, but what about the trying times?

How is/should the family farm contribute to the fabric of our nation's sustainability, character, work ethic, and community?

How is the family farm healing the soul and body of the people who live it? How did your family find healing, vision, hope for the future through cultivating the family farm and through "community"?

Why is rural America so important for the survival of our nation?
Tamara works this farm with her husband who is healing from severe traumatic brain injury and their 5 kids.





PATRIOT RADIO 11/15/2016 - Cheryl Hancock (Reporting from Israel)

November 17th, 2016

Cheryl Hancock reports on what Israel, Palestine, and Syria think about the US Presidential election.  Can Trump help America resolve what is going on in its relationships in the Middle East?


PATRIOT RADIO 11/10/2016 - Pastor Barry Byrd

November 12th, 2016

A Patriot Pastor's vision of moving into post-election America. What is our Kingdom mandate? Why should words like worldview, eschatology, theology, repentance, be at the core of what happens next? What does "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done" truly mean?


PATRIOT RADIO 11/1/2016 - Representative and Candidate Jesse Young (26th Leg. District)

November 2nd, 2016

Representative Shea and Young discuss Eastside Vs. Westside campaign and politic differences.

Rep. Jesse Young's Message to Young People
"This election is not just about philosophical, political things, or political theory. There is a lot of discussion at the national level about the direction of this country, but you need to pull your mind off of that for a second and look at the landscape around you. And that landscape is going to be: where are you going to work? What type of opportunities are you going to have in real, practical job opportunities? Because, if you want those job opportunities in an area that is not flipping burgers . . . If you want those job opportunities in an area that deals with innovation . . . That deal with high pay . . . That deal with options for your future that can be rewarding intellectually . . .?"  ~ Please listen to the interview to hear Rep. Young's answer to these questions!


PATRIOT RADIO 10/27/2016 - Shari Dovale (Live From Malheur Trial Acquittal)

October 29th, 2016

Shari Dovale, Redoubt News Editor reporting live from Portland, OR as the jury comes back with an acquittal of all charges except one for all defendants. The jury was hung on the last charge, and it has been dismissed.


PATRIOT RADIO 10/25/2016 - Shari Dovale (Redoubt News)

October 27th, 2016

Redoubt News Editor, Shari Dovale, has sat in on the entire Malheur Protest Trial in Portland, OR and is with us today to share what she has seen and heard. You can follow Shari and Redoubt News at


PATRIOT RADIO 10/20/2016 - Mr. Art Thompson (CEO, John Birch Society)

October 22nd, 2016

John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson discusses how many prominent people, not just The John Birch Society, have believed that a conspiracy has played a leading role in destroying the independence and Constitution of the people of the United States as a way to world government under the United Nations.

Find all of the weekly videos on our YouTube channel:

Mr. Thompson will be in Spokane Oct. 25th @ Center Place.

Event Link:

Book Link:


PATRIOT RADIO 10/18/2016 - Selam Beshahe (From Ethiopian Dictatorship)

October 20th, 2016

Born in Ethiopia, Selam Beshahe came to America in 1990 to escape a dictatorship. The relationship between gun control, media, and oppressive government go hand-in-hand with a dictatorship. Gun control, martial law, control the media, unconstitutional laws, divide and conquer . . . What is  going on in America is more than dictatorship.


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