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Dr. Jonathan Hansen - World Ministries International


February 9, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Hansen is the founder and President of World Ministries International (WMI).  WMI is a non-denominational organization. Dr. Hansen is a fourth generation Christian, a fourth generation ordained minister, and a third generation missionary. He currently holds the following degrees: Diploma in Ministerial Studies, Bachelors of Arts in General Studies (B.A.), Bachelors of Theology (B.Th.), Masters of Theology (M.Th.), Masters of Divinity (M.Div.), Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.), Doctorate of Theology (D.Th.) and Honorary Doctorate of Divinity (D.Div.).  He is currently ordained with the Independent Assemblies.

In early 1989, the Lord spoke to Dr. Hansen through a dream. In the dream God showed him the events that the church was about to go through prior to Jesus' return. The revelation left him with an indescribable feeling of urgency and awe. For over one year he kept the revelation of what God had shown him in his heart, only sharing it occasionally with a few churches. Finally in July, 1990, God told him to record in writing the chain of events that he saw in the vision and the dream, to warn the church exactly where we are in history, the condition of the church, why God is not pleased with the church, and what the church was about to go through. He felt compelled by the Holy Spirit that the time had come to warn the church of her condition and prepare her for what God was going to allow her to go through to purify and prepare her to meet her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

WMI was birthed by the Holy Spirit to warn the leaders, the church, and society to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Dr. Hansen warns the nations that judgment is coming.

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