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Elissa Desancic - SPHIR


April 30, 2020

Alissa Desancic - Founder and creative director of SPHIR product and platform. 
Alissa and her husband of twenty years have one daughter.  She is a small business owner, a passionate advocate and volunteer in many communities and for many causes, especially in the health arena, and also has an unwavering defense of truth and The Constitution of our great country. She has a B.A. in Journalism / Communications from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, as well as a number of (previously held) licenses and designations in the financial services industry such as Series 7 and 66 securities licenses and CLTC, ALMI designations. 
That was nearly a decade ago. Sphir is the result of the work of a very small yet dedicated team who support my vision and have the deep technical skills to execute it. We're a bootstrapped start-up which allows us to maintain our own free will but also means we can build only as quickly as we can pay for the work to be done. It's a double edged sword, but it's the path we've chosen. We're in public beta and will remain so for a while yet.
About Sphir:
Trust has been shattered for all due to manipulation and censorship, technology is still largely siloe'd, and solutions to the challenges in life are difficult to find, organize, and share effectively.
Sphir is an attempt to correct those wrongs. If your favorite social site, search engine, eCommerce site, and video provider combined forces, that would be Sphir. 
Sphir offers many common social website features like feed, post, follow, comment, message, groups, etc. 
Sphir has advanced features such as DRM, streaming video (implemented) and digital and physical product eCommerce (digital is implemented).  

Sphir has its own unique features like the Discover page as well as patented options like cards, folders, library and unique search mechanisms. Instead of serving up content based on ad dollars (which they don't allow) search elevates the content in the site that your friends have indicated is important or worth checking out.) 
In addition to the feature set, Sphir does NOT track or sell individual user content and advertising (which is corrupting). Community building and the sharing and saving of content such as businesses, products, articles, videos, studies, recipes, blog posts, and personal ideas and more, among your own personal network, is highly encouraged! And, other than illegal content or intentionally malicious use of the site, we do not censor.  Sphir is a web application and a mobile app is in the works.  Sphir website runs on our own platform technology (3M+ lines, hundreds of open API's).

Like our page at Facebook/PatriotRadioUS and listen in each Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 PST with a replay at 9:00 PST on any of these great stations!

106.5 FM Spokane
101.3 FM Tri-Cities/Walla Walla
93.9 FM Moses Lake
106.1 FM Moses Lake
96.1 FM Yakima
96.5 FM Spokane/CdA
97.7 FM Spokane/CdA
810 AM Wenatchee/Moses Lake
930 AM Yakima
630 AM Spokane
1050 AM Spokane and Far Beyond

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