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John Trudel - Author


August 2, 2018

John Trudel

After graduating with honors from Georgia Tech, John pursued his doctorate until an untimely divorce and an unfinished dissertation turned him toward the Viet Nam war and the need for electronic techies there.

He soon found myself riding in the back of military aircraft, trying to make prototype electronic intelligence (ELINT) and weapons systems work. He was also the kid in the back of the room at classified briefings attended by high officers, and, sometimes, the SECDEF himself. They called it “Special Ops.” That’s what his friends did, and some were true heroes. But Vietnam convinced him he needed a career change.

His first business produced the first practical radar detector, The Snooper, and Nixon’s 55 mph speed limit sent sales through the roof. After selling his business he coninued working for major tech firms until leaving tech in the late 80’s and forming his own consulting business, The Trudel Group. His firm consulted for major businesses in the US and eventually he found himself with a band of fellow inventors petitioning Congress to preserve our patent system.

After giving his patent files to noted attorney and professor at Stanford Law School, Larry Lessig, John embarked on writing science-based suspense novels starting with God’s House in 2011 and most recently Raven’s Redemption this year.

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