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Larry Stalley & Todd Engle


September 17, 2020

Larry Stalley joins Matt with Todd Engle recently acquitted of all charges stemming from the Bundy Ranch confrontation with the Bureau of land management.

Larry Stalley has been very active in Christian ministry over the past forty years.  He and his wife, Mary Beth, have done missionary work in China and have hosted several international students in their home.  They raised three daughters.

Work ... by the grace of God:

  • Teaching pastor for many years
  • University degrees, with honors,
    in Biblical Languages (Greek/Hebrew) and Church History
  • Author of nine academic papers regarding the Shroud of Turin.  Most of these papers analyze specific statements within the New Testament that, in the author's opinion, are likely veiled or cryptic references to the Turin Shroud.  Due to persecution (and to safeguard the Shroud) it is thought any reference to the Shroud would have been veiled.   Five of these papers have been published online at  [For an abstract on each paper, as well as the paper itself, click "here" on the left side of this page.  Links are to where the most recent revisions for all papers are posted.  You may need to sign up for a free account in order to access papers on]  
  • Speaker in Canada at 2019 International Conference: Science, Theology and the Turin Shroud.

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