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M. Scott Brumback, Attorney at Law - I-1639 - Will we retain our right to Bear Arms?


February 19, 2019

M. Scott Brumback was born in Michigan. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1979 as an armored crewman and did basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  After basic, Scott was assigned as a tanker with an armor company in the 3rd Infantry Division, Augsburg, Germany.  After nearly three years in Germany, Scott was reassigned to Fort Carson, Colorado.  Scott came off his first four years of active duty with the Army in 1983 at the rank of Sergeant. 

In 1995, Scott went to work for the City of Yakima as a assistant city attorney/prosecutor. Scott joined Wiley Hurst in 1998 at the personal injury law firm of Wiley Hurst & Associates. In 2000, Scott became Wiley's law partner and they remained partners and close friends until Wiley's death in 2013. For 13 years, Scott partnered with Wiley Hurst and Joe Brusic in the firm known as Hurst, Brumback & Brusic. Joe Brusic was elected county prosecutor, and Scott continues on with Wiley's legacy of helping injured people with his law partner, Sid Ottem.

Yakima Valley attorney Michael Scott Brumback sought misdemeanor charges against Ferguson, arguing the attorney general used his office to campaign in support of the measure, intended to deprive citizens of their constitutional rights in the process, and that his participation interfered with his duty as state attorney general.  Brumback made his presentation on behalf of 200 complainants upset about the way Ferguson supported the gun control initiative, which they contend is unconstitutional.

Brumback argued Ferguson violated state law when he used the clout of his office in campaigning for the gun law. Brumback also argued that Ferguson’s participation interfered with his duty because his office is charged with writing the ballot titles of such initiatives.  Unfortunately, Tanner said Brumback’s concerns may be legitimate from an ethical standpoint, but don’t constitute probable cause for criminal charges.

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