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PATRIOT RADIO 11/10/2016 - Scott Rockholm (Wolves in the Northwest)


I attended my first Idaho Fish and Game meeting in Kellogg Idaho fully equipped to film the entire exchange. I knew there were going to be a few hundred angry hunters there, and I wanted to begin a video history right there. It was the beginning of the end for much of the wolf infestation agenda. 

The following years since, I have documented on film, more than 400 hours of footage. I helped destroy the Theory of Natural Balance, by proving it was a sham with documenting an entire herd of 90 bachelor bull elk, systematically killed by one pack, in 30 days. In Yellowstone, I exposed the outright scientific fraud in wildlife accounting and management. I filmed two films, Yellowstone is dead (34000 copies sold) and Ghosts of the Rockies. Both films, as well as a multitude of short Youtube films I produced, have been seen by over a million people. I created the very first social media page on Facebook, exposing all of this fraud, reaching 80,000-160,000 people a week. I have been in many documentaries, including a BBC production, and Outdoor Channel and Discovery Channel productions. I have given dozens of radio and television interviews throughout the nation and Europe. I helped write/pass Idaho Legislation HB343, which was a major victory in the Liberty movement and called Idaho's first Tenth Amendment victory. 

I could not possibly write down everything I have worked on, as I have never kept track of all of it. I am currently writing a book, with almost ten years of research, and spans the world. I have collected wolf related documents, which go back 600 years.

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