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Alex Newman is also an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant.  He currently serves as a contributor to The Epoch Times, WND (World Net Daily), FreedomProject Media, The New American magazine, the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, and more.  He is the host of "Behind the Deep State" and author of "Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes.

Alex is CEO of Liberty Sentinel Media.



Trumpworld: The Unstoppable Movement to Restore America 



The New American magazine has published a riveting collector’s edition bookazine that commemorates the importance of the America First movement, its achievements in getting Donald Trump elected, and the implications of its continuing influence on the future.  And we'd love your help telling people about it. 


Trumpworld refers to the unstoppable political movement that propelled a political outsider into the White House despite the wrath of the fanatical opposition of entrenched insiders who have long operated the levers of power in government and media.   

By the time Donald Trump stepped off the escalator to announce his candidacy in 2015, resistance against the globalists’ plan for one-world totalitarian government had been building for years. America was ready to break off its chains.  

As president, Trump became the point man to oppose world government. And for that, the Deep State attacked him with every tool in its arsenal, exposing its hand in the process.   

The 100-page collector’s edition includes eye-catching photography and writing by TNA’s top writers and reporters. In the introduction, TNA editor Gary Benoit defines Trumpworld well and succinctly. Renowned Deep State investigative journalist William F. Jasper takes it from there, with “Trumping the Deep State,” a thorough article that lays out everything the reader needs to know about the Deep State and what Trump did to threaten it like no other president before him. Award-winning reporter Alex Newman adds engaging writing to a photographic timeline of Trump’s extraordinary presidency. “America: Yesterday and Today,” written by historian Steve Byas, explains what made America great and what’s happening to it today. “Trumpworld” finishes with hope--“The Awakening” -- and a call to action--“The Great Activation.” 

“Freedom will prevail. The Republic will be saved. Trumpworld will keep America great," TNA Publisher Dennis Behreandt concludes. 


“Trumpworld” is available at The John Birch Society Store - Shop JBS and on newsstands around the U.S. 

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