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Ronnie Mitchem - Author, Coach, Pastor


June 11, 2020

Ronnie Mitchem is the author of the book, "The Cost of Colors: A Coach's Story".   Mitchem is an ordained minister with more than twenty-five years of ministry experience.  He has led five different churches in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas, including Victory & Praise Worship Center, founded in 2004.  Mitchem was also the head football coach of the V&P Sharks high school football team (2012-2017)

Ronnie Mitchem has preached across the continental United States and abroad as an evangelist. Pastor Mitchem's life experiences as a former US Marine and businessman have enriched his calling and preaching style.   Because of this, he has reached thousands for the cause of Christ in churches, on the streets, and inside prisons.

Ronnie Mitchem resides in Crosby, Texas with his wife, Stacey. They have three children: Kerstin, Lynzie, and Chase.   

As high school football coach, Mitchem had warned his team in love all year long  of the consequences if anyone refused to stand for the national anthem. So when two members of the team ignored the coach’s orders and decided to protest, the coach took immediate action removing them from the team right after the national anthem and before the game started.

“As Americans we have one common thread and that is that men/women of all color have fought and died to give us the right to live free and get to play football on a Friday night and all the other liberties we have,” the coach wrote on Facebook. “To disrespect that is not right.” Coach Mitchem was gracious and allowed the two boys to make their "statement" and afterwards he made his statement as he dismissed them from the team after the game.

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